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Xie Shou De Demonstrations

Xie Shoude apparently was a student of Wei ShuRen. He lives in Sydney and went to HK during 2000s and gave a number of lectures. His book “TaiJi Nei Gong Xin Fa” (Tai Chi Internal Manual) published by the Ming Pao newspaper empire went into the 3rd printing recently. In this clip, scroll to 1:20 or so. First he demonstrates Peng Jin: Sinking the Qi but his Yi goes out and up, causing the person to bounce, then he demonstrates An Jin at the end:

In this one, he demonstrates that Fa Jin can be done from any part of the body:

Of Fa Jin, he says

When is the best time Fa Jin?  When I do not feel any force from myself, and I do feel any force from the opponent, that is the best time. This is calls “Empty but not empty, Not empty yet empty.”

As for whether this is fake, while I do not know Sifu Xie personally, I do know people who can do the Fa Jin demo just like that and more.


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