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Another trap on “not learning the right way to yield” is that once a person has accumulated some skills, the person can see and feel his (*) (usually not as skilled)  opponent’s weakness. So it’s easy for the person to “yield” and immediately gains the upper hand vis-a-vis his opponent. The problem then is that one never really learns to yield properly that way.

Likewise, the danger of learning something fast is that a person may not practice as hard. So while a person may learn 80-90% of a skill immediately, the remaining 10-20% remains out of reach as ever.

Another thing is the blind skeptics: “Clearly this stuff is fake since (I do not see how that person connects with his dantien | that hopping can’t be real | how can anyone can do it like that | …)” While we must be skeptical, we must also have an open mind. Most of these criticism boil down to “I can’t see how I can do something like that,” with the emphasis on the “I” part.If you are truly a truth seeker, keep your mind open, aim high, and keep looking for answers (**). Clearly there are things on the extreme end that are more than likely impossible (e.g. shooting lighting bolts from fingertips), but then again, there is a whole spectrum of internal martial arts skills and feats that are beyond most people’s experience. Out of your knowledge zone does not necessarily mean that it is “out there.”

(*) Usually I would be gender neutral and use “his or her” or even the old style correct “their,” but sadly in these cases, “his” is likely correct most of the times.

(**) Surfing on the Internet or watching youtube videos are probably not the best avenue.


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